We work alongside our clients a long time before the product is even installed. And we remain with them, always. Each one of our products is different from the others, which is why the early stages of design are fundamental, since that is when the product specifications and the prerequisites that must be respected are agreed. The stages after installation are just as important, however.


After following the customers through all the purchasing and installation processes, FIDAR supports them with an after-sales assistance for a minimum of 10 years. This service is carried out all over the world, with no territorial limit, and every operation is recorded, tracked and made available for every further need.

The activities are always supervised by a team of well skilled technicians to make every intervention faster and more efficient. In order to guarantee a high-quality service, every work that cannot be performed at yard will processed at the local qualified workshop: these facilities are equipped with all the necessary instruments to cover any kind of intervention in the shortest possible time.


The services

FIDAR  personnel is able to promptly act in order to obtain from Customer’s involved personnel as much as possible information about the failure occurred.
This information is mandatory for FIDAR to duly arrange the preparation of all potential spares and materials needed for the required service.
More specifically this also allows FIDAR to better analyze if the service can be carried out at Yard by our skilled technicians or, if it is preferable to move the claimed item to the local qualified workshop well equipped to cover works that cannot be performed at Yard.


The commitment


Paramount care of FIDAR is to always assist customers since the bidding stage, through all their purchasing process and up to the following aftersales assistance.


FIDAR is committed to provide customers with technical and spare-parts assistance for 10 years minimum from the purchasing of our products.


After-service activities are carried out all over the world, with no territorial limit. All operations are duly recorded and available for further tracking and or review.