Control Valves

production range covers two main design of control valves:

Engineered in full accordance with IEC 60534 Specification and offered with any array of steels and alloys suitable for the most demanding application for process control in the oil & gas and power generation fields.


Linear: ½’’ up to 30’’
Rotary Ball: 1’’ to 48’’
Rotary Butterfly: 4’’ to 80’’

Pressure Classes
ASME B16.34 #150 – #2500.
Also class #4500 available for small sizes of linear control valves, on request.

ModelsLinear Control Valves: Globe Straight Way_Series 20s, Globe Angle_Series 90s, Globe Three Way_Series 70s.
Rotary Control Valves: Butterfly_Series 10s, Ball_Series 40s.

Engineering & Design Specification
IEC 60534 for all parts, ASME B16.34, ASME B31.1 / 31.3 / 31.8.

Testing Specification
IEC 60534-4, pressure test ISA 75.19, leak class ANSI FCI 70.2.


Control Valves typical Service and Application

  • Upstream: onshore and offshore
  • Midstream: transportation, filtering, reduction, metering, storage, compression
  • Downstream: petrochemical, refineries, LNG
  • Distribution networks
  • Chemical (nitrogen, hydrogen, Urea)
  • Power Water: potable and desalination plants