We implemented a Quality Management System in compliance with the ISO 9001:2015, Quality PolicyOur Top Management is continuously and systematically involved in the implementation, maintenance, development and improvement of the Quality Management System.

We have taken on the commitment to:

  • adopt
  • document
  • implement
  • maintain
  • continuously improve

Our extensive, uncompromising, company-wide quality control system carefully monitors our manufacturing processes to assure a product that performs to the highest industry standards. Modern machining equipment plus rigid inspections of all parts assures dimensional accuracy.
Quality Assurance procedures include, 100% hydrostatic, pneumatic testing of all valves and full NDT testing on raw material that fully comply to applicable ASTM, API standards and industry codes.

This brings the company to provide our stakeholders with:

  • Enduring knowledge
  • Utmost flexibility
  • Detailed assessment and prevention of risks and possible claims
  • Long-term oriented relationship with customer and suppliers

The fullfilment of these values is made possibile by he constant search for improvement carried out by our Executive Management, whose activities focus on:

  • The good interaction within the organization department;
  • The strong and close co-operation with suppliers of machining and services;
  • The scrupulous and periodical training for all the personnel with update and follow-up classes;
  • The scrupulous application and compliance to the National and International regulation which we are licensed with;
  • The constant and determined research and elimination of Non-Conformities;
  • The constant research of new products and screenings of the market.

Our commitment

Quality, innovation and striving for continuous improvement are the main levers of growth and competitiveness for us, to the benefit of clients, employees, partners and investors.